We have tons of sweet hand screen printed apparel for you—we want to offer something for everyone, whether it’s a warm and cozy fleece for those long cold Michigan nights, short sleeved or sleeveless and snarky for the heat of a Midwestern summer, or a layering piece you wear underneath your business casual to make you feel a little better about the trajectory things are taking.



We are experts in the art of designing art that translates perfectly to a screen print, in saying that, it is best practice when printing to not get too heavy handed. We are offering up unique designs on soft garments with good solid ink hits, put there by David’s own hands.



Got an idea knocking around in your noggin? We are always open to making awesome design work happen and with our skills and your big beautiful brain, there are very few limits.

We want to work with you* to make cool wearable art. Contact us to see if you are thinking what we are thinking.

* Disclaimer, sometimes your ideas are a little grandiose even for us, but we may still be able to help you out!

Handprinted Garments and more, made in Michigan's Upper Peninsula